10 Benefits of morning sickness that will shock you

benefits of morning sicknessMorning sickness is one of those things that no one, but no one, misses about pregnancy. It's also a freakin' misnomer because it doesn't only happen in the morning. Why the hell do they call it that? It's not like at the stroke of noon you are all of a sudden hunky-dory. I guess calling it, "This baby makes me feel like throwing up 24/7 sickness" just didn't sound as good.

Yes, this so called "morning sickness" sucks, but I have good news about it. Guess what? There are benefits to morning sickness. Read on and be amazed!


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Here are 10 benefits to morning sickness, some of them totally scientific, some of them, not so much:

1. Vomiting and nausea may reduce your risk of miscarriage. Yup, that's what studies are showing. Women who had morning sickness had fewer miscarriages.

2. You have an excuse for eating saltines in bed. So what if you get crumbs in there, you don't feel good.

3. Babies born to women who have morning sickness tend to be bigger and healthier. Hmmm, women with morning sickness also seem to have fewer preterm births.

4. It's your excuse for not eating food that taste like crap. If you go to dinner at someone's house and the food is terrible, you can pretend you aren't eating it because the baby is making you queasy.

5. Morning sickness has been found to reduce the risk of birth defects. The risk of birth deffects is reduced anywhere from 30 to 80 percent.

6. You don't have to put anything in your mouth that you don't want to. Lets say your parnter comes to you citing all the benefits of sperm and how it's a superfood, which is really code for you know what. If you don't want to go downtown on your partner, you can always use the fact that you might upchuck as an excuse.

7. It makes your babies smarter. Supposedly kids that were born to moms who had morning sickness were found to have higher IQs and be better behaved between the ages of 3 and 7 years old. Yikes, I had morning sickness with both my kids, does that mean they would have been even more tyrannical at 3-year-old if I had not been nauseous when I was preggers with them?

8. You can say no to all kind sof things. If you don't want to cook, clean or look at another damn Matt Damon movie, you can say that they all make your nausea worse. Sorry Matt Damon, you are awesome, but if my hubby makes me watch any of The Bourne Identity movies again, I may puke and I'm not even pregnant.

9. It is particularly good for you if you are 35 and older. Researchers believe that older moms benefit the most from the "protective effects" of morning sickness. That's good since being 35 and over also puts you in the "high risk" category, so this should help, no?

10. Being pregnant and nauseous means you have ALL the power. The world will come to a screeching halt if you make it clear that you and your baby need a ginger ale right NOW!

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