Christina Aguilera already thinking about how to get her body back after baby!

Christina Aguilera looks so incredibly radiant right now that if I were her, the LAST thing on my mind would be losing her baby weight. But apparently she's not just thinking about it but planning how she's going to drop the weight right after her pregnancy. Isn't that a bit much? That's a whole lot of stress she does not need right now!


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"Christina cannot wait to meet her daughter, but has told pals she's determined to get her pre-baby body back once she gives birth," a source told British magazine Closer. "Christina has been eating very sensibly, sticking to lots of green vegetables, chicken and fish dishes. She's been doing lots of yoga and walking as much as possible."

I don't think there's anything wrong with eating well and exercising while pregnant, in fact, it's probably the healthiest thing you could do, but I also worry that Christina might be putting too much pressure on herself to not gain a lot of weight while pregnant and to shed the pounds quick once she gives birth. Kim Kardashian did the same thing and since she also had a wedding on the way, she became freaking obsessive. Judging from the selfies on Kim's Instagram page, I think it's fair to say she still is.

Christina has always struggled with her weight fluctuating. She's had very dramatic weight gains as well as losses, so it's actually important she try not to go overboard on her body. She can continue to stick to healthy foods and exercise and even do the same once the baby comes, but I don't suggest she start killing herself at the gym days or even weeks after labor. It's okay that she wants her old body back, but it's normal to be a little heavy after pregnancy. I repeat, it's normal!

Women these days have SO much pressure to lose weight from the second they give birth and its freaking ridiculous! If we normal folks feel it, I can't even imagine how hard it must be for celebs like Christina. God forbid she's not wearing a size 4 within a month from labor. She should just enjoy her baby girl and not sweat it, because those first precious moments with her daughter is something I can guarantee she won't get back. Her body on the other hand, will slim down eventually.

Image via Christina Aguilera/Instagram

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