5 Things every man should do for his pregnant woman

You've probably heard by now that Eva Mendes is pregnant with Ryan Gosling's baby. The girl hasn't even given birth yet and I'm already picturing how cute their kid is going to be. And as expected, Ryan is being dreamier than ever since the news broke out. In fact, according to reports he's already spoiling her rotten by cooking for her on a daily basis. How cute is that?


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I have to admit when the news first broke out that Eva was pregnant, I could hardly believe it. These two have been on-and-off for years and the rumors surrounding them have been ridiculous. Plus, last I checked Eva wasn't looking to get knocked up anytime soon. But it looks like her hottie boyfriend convinced her to give motherhood a second chance because here they are about to have a baby together. And to no one's surprise, Ryan is super psyched about it.

"Ryan goes out and gets the groceries," an insider told Us Weekly. "[Eva's] been wanting pasta, and he's cooking her meals. Ryan has already stepped into the role of caring father-to-be." Ugh, I can't deal with how adorable this couple is. Knowing Ryan, he's probably also massaging Eva's feet and making her breakfast in bed. He totally looks like that kind of guy. If only more men out there would take a cue from The Notebook hottie. With those hormone rushing you have to know how to keep your woman happy. Here are five things EVERY man should do for their pregnant girl!

Be patient with her mood swings: A lot of guys don't seem to understand that with pregnancy comes a rush of hormones and with that comes mood swings. So what if she starts crying during every movie or gets emotional over nothing? She has another life inside her, so understand that and just deal!

Don't get worked up over her food cravings: Pregnancy tends to effect the way we look at food too. So don't be surprised if she starts craving a tub of chocolate ice cream at 9 p.m. or suddenly gets grossed out by meals she actually used to enjoy eating. It's all part of the experience.

Pamper her sometimes: I'm not going to lie, pleasing your pregnant woman might become a challenge, but she's bound to appreciate sweet and romantic gestures. Trust me, you can never go wrong with a foot massage or a homemade candle-lit dinner.

Talk to the baby: I think it's fair to assume that most women, if not all of them like when their man talks to their bump. It not only shows your excitement towards being a dad but also helps create a bond between you, her and the baby.

Help her with chores: Running chores and errands while pregnant isn't an easy task. See her cooking in the kitchen? Volunteer to help clean up and do the dishes. Let her know you got her back!

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