Satcha Pretto gives birth to a baby boy!

Satcha Pretto and her husband now know what real love is because the couple's first child, Bruce Aaron Butler, was born on Saturday.

Another dream come true for the Honduran journalist!


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The Despierta America host said that she experienced one of the most touching moments of her life when she gave birth to Bruce Aaron on Saturday, July 12 at 10:47 a.m. Satcha announced through her social media accounts that both she and her husband were "incredibly thankful to God for giving them a healthy little angel and for allowing them the privilege of being parents."

It was no secret that the journalist wanted to become a mother as soon as possible: "We were already ready to become parents," she admitted a few months ago on Univision. Satcha had even talked about it with her boyfriend of seven years, Aaron Butler, whom she married in August 2013.

There's a lot of love in my womb and the truth is that we're so thankful to God because we wanted it, we had asked for it, even before we got married we had that eagerness to become parents and the fact that it has happened so quickly makes us incredibly happy. 

We're really happy for her! A baby is a blessing always and we have no doubt that little Bruce will fill the Butler-Pretto househould with tons of happiness.

Image via Satcha Pretto/Facebook

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