Gay couple respond to uproar caused by their birthing photos

frank nelson and bj baroneA picture of two Canadian fathers holding their newborn son has gone viral online. The heartwarming image shows new dads, 44-year-old, Frank Nelson and 34-year-old, BJ Barone embracing their newborn (born through a surrogate) against their bare chests as they make the first contact with their son, Milo

The touching moment was captured on camera by photographer, Lindsay Foster. The picture is so sweet, wait until you see it for yourself!


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The fathers were told by the surrogates nurse to take off their shirts in order for the newborn to have skin-to-skin contact with his new parents. In the image you see the dads crying tears of happiness as they hold their son. Kathy Frenette, the couple's surrogate is friends with Foster who chose to capture the moment as a gift for her.

Skin-to-skin contact is important for newborns as its shown to create an instant bond with the mother or in this case fathers.This is the second time the couple who had been married for four years tried for a baby. Ironically Milo was born during the World Pride gay rights festival in Toronto on June 27. "We're so proud of him, That picture, to us, represents what pride is all about and how far the LGBT community has come. Love is love, and that's what pride is all about," said Nelson.

Although the couple had other pictures taken with their phones, once Foster posted the touching image on Facebook, it went instantly viral. The image received many positive remarks as well as negative ones. Nelson said he hopes the photo "can open the minds of people, and start a conversation, that all that a child needs is unconditional love, be it from a man or a woman or anything in between."

Foster vividly recalls the moments leading up to Milo's birth as Frenette and the two dads were crying simultaneously during the delivery. "It was just absolutely amazing. I'm shocked that I have any pictures in focus, I was crying so hard with them," the photographer said.

The image is TRULY amazing and even I can't get over how perfectly it captured that moment. You can see the love in both fathers' eyes as they hold their newborn son and now they have photos they can hold as a keepsake forever. This family is proof that love is love no matter what  their background. The positive feedback the picture received was also a unique way to unite a group of strangers online. I wish Frank and BJ the best of luck as they embark on their new journey and I know that little Milo is in the hands of loving parents. 

Images via BJ Barone/ Facebook, Lindsay Foster Photography/ Facebook

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