Mom with cancer sacrifices her life to save her unborn baby

Brennon MitchellIn 2012, Lakisha Mitchell from Tennessee found out two really big things: that she had breast cancer and that she was pregnant with her second son, Brennon. Mitchell had to make the very difficult decision to ease up on her chemotherapy treatment, all for the safety of unborn child even though she knew that would mean she could possibly die.

I am in tears after learning about Mitchell's supreme sacrifice and I have no doubt that her story will touch you too.


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After Brennon was born, it became clear that Mitchell would not be alive much longer. The little boy whom she sacrificed everything for would not grow up with a memory of his loving mother, so she recorded a lullaby for him on video so that he could grow up seeing and hearing her sing it to him.

I am so sorry to say that this Sunday at the age of 40, Lakisha Mitchell passed away in her home in the arms of her husband Breonus Mitchell, who is a pastor at Greater Grace Temple Community Church.

My heart aches for this beautiful family. Breonus Mitchell is now a single dad raising and 11-year-old and a 1-year-old while mourning the loss of his beloved wife.

I have tears streaming down my face over here especially after watching the news clip below. Brennon is in the clip being held by his daddy and at one point the he reacts to a picture of his mommy and his daddy says, "That's mommy! Yeah, she loved you." HEARTBREAKING.

I'm also extremely impressed that during such a difficult time, Breonus Mitchell really wants to remind all women 40 and over to get a mammogram. He says his wife's cancer was not caught until it was a late stage 3.

I wish him and his family much love and support. As a mother, I see that beautiful healthy baby boy and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Lakisha Mitchell even now could not possibly regret her decision and sacrifice. | Nashville News, Weather

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