Mom gives birth to baby after getting struck by lighting...Superpowers still undetermined

A Colorado woman was super relieved when she gave birth to a healthy 6.5 lb baby girl after being struck by lighting when she was just three months pregnant.

Baby Sophia seems totally normal thus far, but who knows? Maybe in a few years they'll find out that she can move stuff with her mind or fly or something else super cool. Sigh...that's probably not going to happen, but hey, a girl can dream right?


Mommy Stephanie Alberti says she definitely plans on telling baby Sophia about the special circumstances surrounding her pregnancy when she is older, giving her a daughter an all but guaranteed one up on everyone in the room when you tell those, "I'm so special because this happened to my mom while she was pregnant with me" stories.

Apparently, Sophia already managed to thwart the umbilical cord that was wrapped around her body when she was being born (duh) and mom says that though she is a little small, she has a "big attitude". Well, duh! I'd have major 'tude too if I was bad ass enough to survive a lightning strike while still just an embryo.

But, I have to say to mom and dad: You decided to name her Sophia? I mean, that's a pretty and all, but it's the second most popular baby name in the United States. If I'd been struck by lightning, I'd want to name my child something grand and mythological, like Electra (hmm, still too predictable) or Astrope (OK, that one's weird but she's the Greek goddess of lightning, so it's applicable).

Are you shocked that everything turned out OK with the baby even though mom was struck by lightning?

Image via YouTube