Police pull over car going 100 MPH & you'll NEVER believe what they found

When police in the U.K. started pursuing a car going 100 miles per hour last Friday night, they were sure that they were about to catch a criminal on the run. But when the driver finally pulled over and the cops approached the car, they got an even bigger shock: a woman was giving birth in the backseat! Turns out that the driver, Colin Ellmore, was rushing to try and get to the hospital in time. Ha, woops. It's an honest mistake, I guess!


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According to reports, Ellmore's 26-year-old daughter, Tiffany, went into labor last week and asked her father to take her to the hospital. But apparently, the baby just couldn't wait until they got to the delivery room. Tiffany began pushing in the car as her dad stepped on the gas to try and get to the medical center. Unfortunately, his high speed caught the attention of seven police officers, who were traveling together in four unmarked cars.

Initially, the cops thought the car had been stolen and surrounded the vehicle, forcing Ellmore to stop. Even after he got out, officers still believed he was running off. It wasn't until the dad went around the car and took the baby in his arms that cops realized what happened. Can you imagine?!

The mom and her newborn daughter, Lola Mia Rose, were transported to the hospital via ambulance and thankfully, both are in good condition, despite the roadside delivery.  Meanwhile, the above photo of an officer holding the baby was uploaded to social media and has quickly gone viral.

Wow ... talk about a crazy entrance in the world! I don't know what's more dramatic--the high-speed car chase, the SEVEN police officers or the actual birth in the car. All I can say is, I bet those cops never expected to witness that scene when they showed up to work that day. I'm just glad that both the mom and the baby are OK. Congrats to the family!

Image via ITVNews/Twitter

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