5 Pregnancy pains you should never ignore

pregnancyDuring pregnancy you're bound to experience many aches and pains. Often times you tough it out and don't bother treating them. This is okay in some circumstances, but there are times that you should not take the pain lightly. Take, for instance, the case of 37-year-old Claire Hadden. The expectant mom of three experienced stomach pain which she thought was caused by a stomach bug.

Instead, the poor woman found out that she was suffering from appendicitis and doctors didn't even know it!


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When Hadden went in for X-rays she found out that her appendix had moved all the way to the lower corner of her abdomen. Dr. Alexander Greenstein said that this is common in very pregnant women and it gets harder to track the appendix during this stage. "The more pregnant they are, the more the appendix gets pushed up and out of the way," he explained.

The good news is the mother's appendicitis was caught on time and was removed without injuring the fetus. That is really scary stuff! There are so many things pregnant women shouldn't ignore as it can risk their baby's life.

Below are some warning signs that require medical attention:

Menstrual cramps & bleeding: If you experience cramps similar to the ones you have during your time of the month and find yourself bleeding, these could be signs of a miscarriage. Seek a doctor's help immediately!

Lower back pain: If you are less than 37 weeks and feel too much pain in your lower back region it could be the baby pushing down. This can be risky therefore it's best to doublecheck with your doctor.

Prolonged fever: You may find yourself getting more sick during pregnancy because your immune system is weaker during this time. You may even get a fever, but if it's gone on for more than a few days, contact your medical doctor.

Excessive swelling: Sure, swelling is the norm during pregnancy but too much can be a sign of preeclampsia. That's when the mom experiences high blood pressure that indicates malfunctioning kidneys.

Excess headaches: If you keep getting headaches that last longer than a few hours, you should seek a doctor because this too can be a sign of preeclampsia. 

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