SEE: Ninel Conde shows off her pregnant belly

As if to shut up the haters who keep saying that her pregnancy is fake, Ninel Conde shared a makeup-free selfie of her five-months pregnant belly in honor of Father's Day.

Showing off her well-maintained figure (still), she also shared some images of what she eats so she won't gain weight. In fact, I think she looks so skinny, it seems like this low-calorie diet has worked. Check out her pregnant belly, which was also inscribed with an interesting message written in lipstick...


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"Feliz Día Papi," the star wrote on her belly and dedicated her post to her future baby daddy, Giovanni Medina. After the drama that followed the news of her pregnancy, I see that Ninel is super happy and more than proud of showing the world her teeny pregnant belly--which still looks really small for five months.

The 43-year-old even looks spectacular--and she even shared some of her antojos during her pregnancy. "For those Sunday cravings for hot cakes, there's nothing better than gluten-free, egg-free pancakes. Yes you CAN eat yummy and without regret, chias! And above all, all future moms should eat healthfully! It's not necessary to eat for two! Only eat well!" she wrote alongside pictures of her cravings that make it clear she doesn't go hungry at all!

This is a great example for all future moms that want to maintain their weight and look fabulous, even through pregnancy where many of us want to chow down on ALL our cravings! Especially in the case of someone like Ninel, who lives off her image and can't really afford to gain weight, now more than ever!

Anyways, I think the picture congratulating her boyfriend and future dad was adorable, especially since it's the first Father's Day they are celebrating together. I'm still waiting for them to announce the sex and the name of the baby, who will be born before year's end. Until then, I am looking forward to seeing her rocking a huge belly, and I'm sure she'll look just as sexy.

Images via Mezcalent, Ninel Conde/Instagram

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