This family has given birth to 4 generations of twins!

Welcoming new babies into the world is a special milestone for anyone, but it was especially remarkable for a pair of British parents. Why? Their recent birth marked the fourth generation of twins in their family. Wow!

Twin sister Melanie Gwynne recently became a mom to her own twin girls, Jessica and Clara. Meanwhile, Gwynne's dad and grandma are both also twins. Oh my god! Imagine those family photos.


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The family was featured on the British documentary, One Born Every Minute, which followed Gwynne as she debated having her partner or twin sister help with the delivery of the twins.

"My dad always said it's more fun having two," Gwynne told the Bristol Post, also adding her sister is relieved that she's not the one to have twins. Now, the mom says she hopes one of her girls has twins as well, to "keep the tradition going."

Doctors say she shouldn't count on it as multi-generation twins are extremely rare. But then again, they've defied all the odds this far!

That's pretty amazing. Natural twins alone can be pretty few and far in between, which is why the myth that twins skip a generation is so common. But to have twins four generations in a row? I bet you if they haven't broken a record yet, they're pretty darn close to it!

Regardless, I'm just happy to hear that both Gwynne and her babies are doing well and have so many people to count on for love and support. Congrats to the happy family!

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