Lil' Kim is officially a mom! The rapper, who first announced she was expecting back in February, reportedly gave birth to her first child, a baby girl, in New Jersey on Monday. And as if the idea of Lil' Kim becoming a mom isn't weird enough, you'll never guess what she decided to name her!

The 39-year-old picked a very, err, regal moniker for her new little girl. Are you ready for this? The name is..


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Royal Reign! That's right ... of all the names on the planet, she went with Royal Reign. I guess Lil' Kim really wanted her little girl to feel like a princess!

Somehow, I'm not all that surprised that she went with an unconventional name. It is Lil' Kim we're talking about after all! And while this one is pretty weird (let's just hope for Lil' Kim's sake that Royal won't have royal-sized tantrums), it's also far from the strangest famous baby moniker I've ever heard.

Below, check out 10 other crazy celebrity baby names:

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