Weird celebrity baby names

We've been thinking a lot about baby names ever since Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their third child via surrogate over a week ago. We knew they were going to name their daughter something abstract but we have to admit, we never guessed it'd be Chicago West! But then again, they did name their 4-year-old daughter North West and their 2-year-old son Saint West. So technically, we should have seen it coming.


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With that said, Kim and Kanye are far from the only celebs who like naming their kids after words or places. Jessica Alba for instance named her kids, Honor, Haven, and Hayes and all in an effort to stick with H names. It's very typical of celebs to name their kids unconventional names. It's actually become a rare thing in Hollywood to give your kid a "normal" or traditional name. Here's a look at a few other out-of-the-ordinary celebrity baby names!

--Additional reporting by Michelle Regalado

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