SEE: Mom's pregnancy photo doesn't go as planned

By now, everyone knows that Pinterest is the perfect place to turn when you need inspiration for pretty much anything, from hairstyles to seasonal recipes to DIY projects. But while all those ideas may look super simple and beautiful online, we all know life is rarely as picturesque as a Pinterest board and that actually recreating what you see on there is sometimes easier said than done.

One Nebraska couple recently found that out the hard way. After seeing a cute pregnancy photo on the social sharing site, Reddit user huskerman204 and his wife, who are expecting a baby girl, decided to recreate the scene with their own family. It didn't go exactly as planned, but trust me when I say, the end result is so, so much better. Check it out after the jump!


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Ha! Seriously, how amazing is this photo? On one side is the picture they originally took inspiration from, which was likely shot by a professional and shows an expecting mom flaunting her belly alongside her daughter, who is mimicking her actions. On the other side is the couple's recreation. As you can see, their daughter is slightly more, err, expressive than the girl in first picture.

I can't help but love this photo and the fact that these parents decided to share it as is. While the snapshot might not have turned out exactly as they pictured, they ended up capturing a hilarious, candid, sweet moment that I think is way better than the original!

Image via Thinkstock, Reddit

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