10 Surprising signs that you're about to go into labor

labor signsYou would think that when you are about to have a baby you would notice, right? Well, sometimes you do and sometimes you don't. With both of my kids I went into labor, not the active pushing kind, the kind that is working up to the pushing and I had no idea. Nope, I was totally clueless that I was even having contractions because they didn't hurt ... yet. So how can you tell if you are in or about to go into labor?


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Here are ten signs that you are going into labor:

1. You feel like you have to poop. You have this very strong urge to go to the bathroom, but when you try to go it seems to be harder than usual. Yup, that's probably the baby trying to come out.

2. Your water breaks. No you did not just pee all over yourself, your water just broke and that means the baby is coming soon or needs to come soon so give your doctor, doula, midwife, mamá and suegra a call. And no it's not like in the movies or TV where your water breaks and you instantly have the baby. It can take awhile.

3. You have a bloody show. I'm not really sure what that is because I never noticed it, but it is supposed to be the passage of a small amount of blood or mucus with blood right near the end of pregnancy. I took it to mean that I was supposed to put on some kind of bloody show with a British accent. My husband was not amused that I kept telling him he was a bloody bugger who needed to bugger off because I was buggered.

4.You have plans really close to your due date and you really, really want the baby to come after. Ha! Baby's coming right before. GUARANTEED!

5. You are not comfortable no matter what. You are so uncomfortable, you literally look at your belly and yell: GET OUT!

6. Your husband decides to go out and get one last drink with the guys before the baby comes. Yup, you're going into labor as soon as he is too drunk to deal with it.

7. You start freaking out because everything isn't perfect. You feel like you should have the entire nursery set up right this minute.

8. You have to pee right after you peed. You are doing your best to set up the nursery, but you keep having to tinkle even though you just tinkled not two minutes ago.

9. You haven't showered. You are so big and uncomfortable that you decided not to shower. You feel totally gross and the baby better not come because you don't want to go to the doctor all dirty. Guess what? The baby's coming, you should have showered.

10. You lost the instruction manual to the baby's car seat. Dang it, you know you put it somewhere and now you don't know where and they won't let you leave the hospital without the car seat and woops here comes your bloody show, your water is about to break and you are going to get a ridiculously strong urge to poop.

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