5 GREAT reasons to have sex while you're pregnant

sex during pregnancy"Sex is natural sex is good, not every pregnant lady does it, but every pregnant lady should..." Okay, I just had my way with George Michael lyrics, but I couldn't help myself. You see it has come to my attention that there are pregnant women out there that stop having sex and I think that is a shame. Of course, if there are real doctor defined medical reasons for not doing it...fine, but don't stop simply because you're pregnant As a matter of fact, pregnancy sex is good for you and can feel great.


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Here are five reasons to have sex while you are pregnant:

1. You won't get pregnant. Ha! You're already preggers and it's not like a shagathon can get you any more pregnant. Plus can we say, no birth control necessary and sex for the sheer pleasure and joy of it?!

2. It's a great way to stay connected. You and your partner need to stay intimate and connected. It's important. Don't forget about your significant other. They love you and want your lovin'.

3. It feels better. When you are pregnant, blood flow to your pelvic area increases, which makes you more sensitive and leads to WOW sometimes more than once!

4. Orgasms are awesome. Aside from feeling good, orgasms produce oxytocin, which can leave you feeling calm, happy and satisfied and the endorphins released can even help with some aches and pains or at least take your mind off of them pregnancy aches and pains for a minute or 30.

5. It makes you creative. As your body changes during pregnancy, you may find that you have to stray from your go-to positions and find new sometimes more exciting ways to "do it."

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