Pregnant mom dies while brushing her teeth & no one knows what happened

jade glenA 22-year-old British mother-to-be died unexpectedly while brushing her teeth in her parents home. Jade Glen, a mother of one, was eight months along in her second pregnancy when she fell ill and admitted herself to the hospital. Doctors treated her for a reported blood clot but gave her clearance to go home after being checked.

That is until a week later when the mother passed away for reasons unknown.


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Glen was expected to give birth in July to a baby girl but instead died this week mysteriously. Friends who were trying to reach her with no avail visited her home only to discover that her 18-month-old son Mickey was alone and she was dead. Her dad, Floyd Glen, rushed to the home when he received the devastating call.

It is presumed that the mother was brushing her teeth in the bathroom where she collapsed and died. Devastated friends and family blame the hospital for allowing Glen to go home after she was admitted despited the fact she still felt ill. Her boyfriend, Michael Arnold, can't comprehend the tragic death of his girlfriend and said, "I can't understand why the doctors let her out--she was obviously ill but they told her she was OK. That hospital has got a lot of questions to answer."

Glen had reportedly spent her last hours with her son Mickey and had taken him to his first day of school. She was excited for the arrival for her daughter whom she had already named Dolly May.

This is so depressing! I can't imagine how this woman's loved ones must feel especially since she was ready to become a mom again. It's unfortunate that the hospital sent her home and this happened not long after she was released. Perhaps they let her go because they genuinely didn't see anything wrong with her, but when it comes to pregnant women they should be more cautious. If she could have been suffering from a blood clot they should have been monitoring her closely even after she was discharged. My thoughts and prayers are with Glenn's family as they go through this dificult time.

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