Mom welcomes 2 baby boys just a month apart ... & they're not twins!

A mom who struggled with fertility for years is making headlines after recently welcoming two baby boys just a month apart. And no, it wasn't one of those delayed twin births--we're talking about two separate pregnancies and two individual little guys. So how is this even possible?

Model and actress Caprice Bourret was so caught up in her career, she didn't start truly thinking about having a family until she hit her 40's. She tried for years to have a baby with IVF, but to no avail. Eventually, she started considering surrogacy as an option. That's when something miraculous happened.


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Bourret and husband Ty Comfort, who live in London and will appear in Bravo's upcoming series Ladies of London, found a surrogate in the US and were able to successfully implant an embryo. That's happy enough news for any couple, but then just one month later, the two got an even more amazing surprise: Bourret learned she was pregnant herself! Can you imagine?!

We often hear stories about a mom getting pregnant after adopting or using a surrogate because the pressure is off and there's less stress on the body. But Bourret says she never expected it to happen to her. "My doctor said, 'Cap, it was just a miracle,' " she told the Today show.

So when her gestational carrier gave birth to her first son last year, Bourret herself was eight months pregnant. "I was watching my son being delivered while my other son was in me," she said. "Everyone in the room was crying." Aww! She says she and her husband are thankful for every minute with their two sons Jax and Jett (she won't reveal who's older) every day.

What an incredible story! After all they'd been through trying to conceive a baby, I'm sure Bourret and Comfort were thrilled enough to know they were expecting one baby via surrogate. I can't even begin to imagine their joy and shock when she found out she was pregnant as well. Talk about the surprise of a lifetime! I guess things really do happen when you least expect 'em. Congrats to the happy parents!  

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