Mom-to-be will deliver her first baby while in a coma

Melissa CarletonOh mamás, I'm going to ask you all to send prayers, positive thoughts and support of any kind that you can to Melissa Carleton, her husband Brian Lande and their first child, a brand new to this world baby boy. Last year, the couple had beautiful wedding in Norway and by the time you read this post they will have become the parents of a little boy via a C-section scheduled around 10 a.m. today Thursday in San Francisco.

This is going to be a day like no other for Brian because his beloved wife is giving birth while in a coma. She has been in a coma since March when she had a seizure while being treated for a brain tumor. She won't be able to caress her baby or nurse him or get to know him in those first few moments and when the baby is ready to go home, Melissa will not be joining her husband and son on that trip.


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Melissa, a 39-year-old marriage and family therapist from Fresno, California, was admitted to the hospital prior to her seizure because she was so physically exausted that she could hardly walk. Turns out that Melissa had a brain tumor that had probably been growing for the last two to three years. The day after being admitted to the hospital, she had a seizure that damaged part of her brain. She was rushed to surgery and the benign tumor was removed, but the seizure has left her unable to fully wake up.

Once Melissa heals from having the baby, she will transferred to an intense rehab facility  where she will undergo therapy to hopefully help her wake up. Oh Universe, please let that happen!

Doctors have warned the family not to be too optimistic even though Melissa can sometimes open her eyes and hold Brian's hand. I understand the doctors' concerns, but how can a family give up hope when there is even a small chance there?

When Brian, a Santa Cruz County Deputy Sherrif,  has not been at his wife's side, he has been staying in a San Francisco apartment donated by a retired San Francisco police officer. That is where he will take his baby boy when the time comes.

Do you see why I want you to keep this family in your thoughts? To find out how you can help Melissa and her family, visit their Support Melissa Carleton Facebook Page and if you are in a postion to help them financially you can donate via their Go Fund Me page.

Image via Support Melissa Carleton/Facebook