SEE: Snooki's unborn daughter is already a little diva in the making!

snookiSnooki recently revealed the gender of her second child and although she wanted a boy, it turns out she's having a girl! The pint-sized reality star has explained that she doesn't feel ready to have a daughter because she doesn't want a miniature version of herself bossing her around. Lets face it, every woman would like a mini-me they can dress up and spend quality time with.

And looks like Snooki has a girly girl on her hands. Want to know how she found this out? Keep reading to find out!


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During a recent checkup, a sonogram showed the 26-year-old's unborn daughter doing what appears to be the gestures of applying lipstick! She posted the picture on her Instagram early this week with the caption: "My baby girl! She's health and look, she's already applying lipstick #mygirl".

snooki sonogramAw! How cute! Snooki must be excited as she prepares for the arrival of her unborn daughter. It's almost hard to tell that Snooki is pregnant because she's been keeping up with her fitness routine (hopefully safely!) during her first trimester.

Her son Lorenzo still doesn't seem to grasp the concept of being a big brother, but I'm sure he'll get the hint when his sister arrives. After all, he and his dad Jionni are going to have to adjust to living with two divas in their home now! As for Snooki, I know she's going to have a blast raising a daughter.

It's obvious that the little meatball is taking on after her mami who will take her under her wing and show her the ropes. One thing I do advise Snooki to do is to NOT show any of the Jersey Shore episodes until her daughter is older than 18. Otherwise she may pick up some of her mom's crazy antics and I'm positive Snooki won't want to deal with a wild child!

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