The 6 most unexpected things that can happen in the delivery room

Listen, I am going to tell you about six of the most unexpected things that can happen in a delivery room. The crazy thing is that there are many more and it doesn't matter how many books you read or how prepared you think you are, when you get into that delivery room something unexpected is going to happen.


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Here are six surprising things you may come across in a delivery room:

1. Your birth plan isn't really a plan. Ha! I was told to write out a birth plan and bring it to the hospital with me where I promptly crushed in my my fist and it literally disintegrated. I mean, go ahead and make a plan, but realize that you gotta do what you gotta do to get that baby out of you safely and then do it.

2. You will summon curse words you didn't even know existed. Go on with your bad self!

3. Chances are you will puke a lot. Oh sure you've been warned by others about the gas and pooping, but watch out for the puking because it is pretty darn common.

4. Privacy is for people who aren't having babies. You don't get privacy, not even in a private room, so don't even think about being modest. I'm pretty sure that the hospital let a tour bus come through my delivery room, that's how many people saw me from angles that not even my husband has been privy to.

5. You have the baby and it is so not over. There you are birthing a baby and it is the craziest thing ever and then the baby comes out and you are so relieved and the doctor's like, uh uh, do not close up shop, you've got to push that placenta out too. Unbelievable!

6. You will realize that you are an absolute superstar. Bringing children into this world is not for the faint of heart. You will come to accept that you are more powerful mentally, physically and emotionally than you ever imagined. Remember that feeling, you'll need to call on it for the rest of your life as a mother.

I guess it is all part of training for parenting because you will find yourself dealing with the unexpected all the time. For the most part, you will survive.

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