Woman sues doctors over C-section she never wanted

A 35-year-old woman is suing Staten Island University Hospital in New York, after doctors went against her will and delivered her baby via Cesarean section. Rinat Dray told The New York Times that she experienced a number of health issues after having her first two children through C-section, as a result she wanted to give birth to her third child the natural way. Makes sense, no? But they forced the C-section anyway. Can you believe this crap?


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According to the hospital's attorney, doctors still performed the C-section because they believed that delivering the baby naturally would have been considered a form of abuse. What? How? One physician even wrote in medical records that even though "The woman has decisional capacity. I have decided to override her refusal to have a C-section."

Fortunately, the baby was delivered in good health but Dray's body was seriously affected, just like she had predicted. The C-section punctured her bladder and now she's seeking unspecified damages. "Mrs. Dray is suing the doctors and the hospital for malpractice, charging them with 'improperly substituting their judgment for that of the mother.' It raises issues about the rights of pregnant women to control their own bodies, even if that might compromise the life of a fetus," The New York Times wrote.

I knew that forced C-sections were happening around Latin America, especially in Brazil. But I didn't think you could get away with that kind of thing here. There's a reason why Dray requested a natural birth. She knows her own body and knew that another C-section could have resulted in another problem. It doesn't sound like the hospital had a valid reason for undergoing the procedure despite her wishes. And if they really were concerned for the fetus, why didn't they discuss their decision with Dray at least beforehand?

Apparently the number of births via C-section in the U.S. has gone up drastically in the past 20 years and it's not always done for necessary reasons so let's cross our fingers that Dray's case paves the way for some serious changes. No one should be obligated to have a C-section unless it's actually necessary!

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