Mom addicted to being pregnant offers to be surrogate for free

tara sawyerIf you ask most moms what they miss most about being pregnant, chances are they'll say they loved their bump, glow, and the excitement of creating a human life. But for 37-year-old Tara Sawyer, pregnancy is an addiction and she has even offered to be a surrogate for other couples--for free! The mom of four says that being pregnant is what makes her happiest and when she isn't she feels like something is missing.

In fact, she's already been a surrogate to three couples and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon!


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It all started after Sawyer gave birth to her twin boys, Jack and Noah, born prematurely due to their condition Twin to Twin transfusion syndrome. She says she no longer wanted any more children of her own, but that she missed the happy feeling that came with pregnancy.

That's when she decided that she could be a surrogate for less fortunate couples out there unable to have children of their own. "Surrogacy seemed like the perfect solution. I would get my pregnancy and a couple would get their baby," Sawyer said. The other person in question that influenced her decision was her husband.

"He was more concerned about whether I'd be able to hand over the baby at the end but he was behind me 100 percent," Sawyer explained, but says her husband understood where she was coming from. However, the mom reasoned that she did not feel the attachment most moms feel with their babies when she gave birth which made it easy to hand over the infants.

Another concern most women would have would be the changes being pregnant that many times would do to their bodies. But Sawyer says if anything it's improved and that she looks better than she did in her 20's and--go figure--she doesn't even have stretch marks. "It's like I was made to have babies," Sawyer said. And apparently she won't stop until her womb falls out!

While I think it's great there are women out there willing to be surrogates for other couples, this woman's reasons concern me. I know plenty of women who say they miss their pregnancy bumps, but something tells me there is an underlying problem that makes this woman addicted to being pregnant. As we get older it gets riskier holding a baby inside us which makes me wonder what's going to happen to her once she can no longer have children. If this is what is making her happy now then so be it, but there is an unresolved emotional issue she must be facing that she should resolve now rather than later.

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