The 10 best things about being pregnant

pregnancyPregnancy is pretty much unlike anything else that you'll ever go through in your life. In fact, Today show host Savannah Guthrie, who is pregnant for the first time, says her boobs are out of control and she has gone up as many as three cup sizes. "I think my breasts have reached their earthly limit. I just can't get used to it," she joked on the show.

Join the club, sister! I supposed you can say that's one of the many perks about pregnancy.


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It's important to keep in mind that pregnancy varies between women because some can have it easy at first, while others have it rough for at least the first trimester, and many of us out there have it rough all 40 weeks (ouch and power to you!). However, we have to keep in mind that there are many great things about creating another life.

We bet you mamis-to-be can relate to some of the perks below and if you haven't been pregnant yet, then these are some of the great things to look forward to when you are!

1. Ginormous boobs: If you're a small chested woman, this is the best gift you can receive. The only bad news is that they aren't guaranteed to remain that size after pregnancy and spoiler alert: sagging may occur.

2. You'll have probably your best skin ever: Although this varies, glowing clear skin is a side effect of pregnancy. If it seems like you're breaking out like crazy in the beginning, have no fear, it should improve as your pregnancy goes along.

3. You'll rock glam hair and nails: Similar to the skin factor, some ladies end up with shiny and healthier hair as well as nail--partially thanks to pregnancy and all those prenatal vitamins you're taking!

4. You can eat (almost) everything you want: The good news is you can eat without worrying if you'll fit into your skinny jeans. Although we don't recommend overdoing it on the junk food, this is the time you can get away with indulging without the guilt.

5. You can lazy out! You have an excuse to relax and lounge around and not be obligated to do household chores. After all, you should be able to take naps and have lots of rest since growing another human can be exhausting!

6. You' get the VIP treatment: This is the time when you can have others waiting on your hand and foot. If you want a foot massage or for your hubby to fetch you that ice cream you're craving, it's done! People are also expected to give you their seat when traveling on public transit--although keep in mind, some rude ones won't.

7. You can track your baby bump: It's not your everyday that you get to have a cute baby bump before you. One of the exciting things is calculating how big your bump is getting week by week.

8. You're the secret keeper: Whether it's revealing your pregnancy news, the gender of the baby, or due date, you have a right to keep it secret. Although you may suspect that others around you may know, they don't have to know the truth unless you tell them.

9. Gifts, gifts, gifts: You will receive lots of adorable gifts from friends and family for the upcoming baby and its money that you don't have to spend. Think about all the cute miniature baby shoes you're going to get!

10. You're a miracle worker: Hands down the best part about pregnancy is knowing that you have the ability to create another life. It's almost like you're a part of an exclusive party that men aren't invited to. That alone is a miracle!

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