Cops forced to deliver baby born in cab at entrance of Holland Tunnel

There was no putting the brakes on this baby boy's arrival! A New York City woman gave birth in a taxi right after it exited the Holland Tunnel Thursday evening, aided by two policemen stationed at the nearby Port Authority.


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The woman had hopped in a yellow cab and was headed to the hospital to deliver her baby, but, apparently, fate had other plans. At around 11:30 p.m., when the taxi had emerged from the Holland Tunnel and was on an exit ramp near Laight and Hudson Street, she went into labor. Two Port Authority policemen rushed to the scene, acting as midwives throughout the delivery process.

Luckily for the mom-to-be, one of the tunnel cops was a registered nurse, so he was able to direct everyone and take the necessary precautions to safely deliver the baby boy, who is now at Bellevue Hospital with his mom after paramedics transported them to the facility.

Thank goodness that one of the cops has a nursing background! I can't even imagine how terrified the woman must have been going into labor in a random taxi cab in the middle of the night, surrounded by complete strangers all staring into her lady parts and asking her to push. Hopefully, the policeman with the nursing training managed to make her feel a bit more at ease. And, now that her child is safely in her arms, she'll have a great story to share with family and friends!

Image via terraplanner/Flickr

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