Ninel Conde confirms she's pregnant!

Everyone can stop talking crap about Ninel Conde and put those cruel abortion allegations to rest because she's finally confirmed to TV Notas that's she's actually pregnant! That's right, she's three months along and of course her 28-year-old boy toy, Giovanni Medina, is the baby daddy! Take that haters!


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Ninel Conde hasn't had it easy lately. The nasty rumors that have broken out ever since she started dating Giovanni have been outrageous. Seriously, some fool literally came out accusing her of having an abortion because of a recording. They even went as far as claiming that her own boyfriend accused her of murder. So messed up!

But now she can put all that BS behind her, because she's having a baby! Yay! "There has been a lot of talk about this, and it is the moment to confirm the news," Ninel said. "Thank God this is a blessing that has come into my life after many years of yearning for it. Today I can confirm that I am pregnant. I am three months along, and I am very happy. I kept silent because I wanted to wait for the risky three months, and since they already passed, I wanted to take the moment to clear it up." No wonder she was so eager to share the news!

Only problem is, Ninel's teenage daughter Sofia, from her ex, actor Ari Telch, wants to move out. Apparently she wants to go live with her father because she's tired of her mother's dramatic scandals. Well that's a bummer especially because the scandals weren't really Ninel's fault. Hopefully they can work something out. In the meantime congrats to Ninel and Giovanni. So happy for them. Let's cross our fingers everyone finally gets off their backs--GEEZ!

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