Parents let Internet pick their baby's name & get exactly what they deserve

Every couple expecting a child can count on one thing: everyone—from their family and friends to random strangers—will have an opinion on what the baby name should be. It's a tough choice as it is, but it's made even more confusing with every new suggestion you get (just ask my older sister, who is currently pregnant with her first child!). But one Canadian dad recently decided to take the decision out of his hands altogether by asking the Internet to name his baby.

Yup! Stephen McLaughlin created the site to ask all web users to vote for their favorite first and middle names. As you can probably expect, the names ranged from ordinary to downright ridiculous. And after months of waiting, the results are in. So what name did this baby girl end up with?!


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As I said, some of the front running options were, let's just say, unconventional. Some examples?  "Kids'R'Gross," "Not Zelda," "LOL" and "13" were among the top picks. Still, even those weren't as bad out of the name that ended up wining the number one spot, out of 150,000 total votes.  Are you ready for this?

The name that won was…Cthulhu. Yes, Cthulhu, as in the mythical winged beast figure with an octopus face. This poor, poor girl. Oh, and that's not all. The top middle name voted upon? "All-spark" as in Cthulhu all-spark. Nooooo!

But don't panic for this sweet, innocent little girl just yet! In the end, McLaughlin and his wife decided to nix the suggestion and go with the number two top-voted name, which is way more normal and probably won't make their daughter resent them forever. And thank goodness they did! Amelia Savannah Joy McLaughlin was born happy and healthy on April 7 after "five anxious days."

Her mom posted a birth announcement, jokingly writing, "All bow down to the great and powerful Cthulhu." Ha!

Well, all I have to say is I'm VERY glad that these two had the sense not to take the whole thing too seriously and ultimately make the final decision themselves. Imagine if she had actually gotten stuck with the name Cthulhu. I don't even know how to pronounce that! In any case, they made a smart choice. Congrats to the happy couple on little Amelia!

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