Pregnant fitness trainer fights back against bullies

sara haleyYesterday I took a weight training class, which was taught by a pregnant instructor. It was pretty amazing! I was impressed by how fit she was and that she was still following her exercise regimen despite her pregnancy. I even commended her for it after class. So then why are people attacking personal trainer Sara Haley?

The petite 35-year-old mom has been receiving negative feedback for continuing to exercise while eight months pregnant. Um, excuse me?!


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The fit mom was recently named one of Shape magazine's Best Fitness Trainers in America and says she's being bullied at her local gym in Santa Monica, California all because she is pregnant. "There is a lot of rude comments made and sometimes it's like going back to high school, where people gang up and make nasty comments," she explained of the mistreatment she faces.

Some people are even nastier and make fun of stretch marks (that she probably doesn't have), and comment on the size of her butt. However she doesn't let them stop her from following her exercise regimen of push ups, lunges, deadlifts,and other workouts six days a week. In fact, if the geniuses judging her at the gym were more open minded or asked, they would learn that she is certified in pregnancy fitness and knows her limits.

"Exercising during pregnancy is highly recommended by all sound fitness accreditations," she said. However there are some positive responses she will get from other gym-goers, but she says she doesn't need their affirmations either. "I do appreciate the encouragement, but honestly, I'm just pregnant, not trying to save the world."

Very well put! I don't see anything wrong with women exercising while pregnant. It's not like they have a disease that means they have to stay bed ridden. If her doctor gives her the okay and she's been physically active most of her life, it probably benefits her more in the long run. It's fascinating how hypocritical our society can be. Haley gets critiqued for taking care of her body while pregnant, but if she didn't  and after giving birth wasn't fit, she would be judged for that as well. You just can't win! I'm glad she's ignoring her haters--whom I'm sure she can still kick their butts with a baby inside her and all.

Image via Sara Hayley Fitness/Facebook

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