SEE: Evelyn Lozada's fabulous post-baby bod!

It's hard to believe that it hasn't even been a month since Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada gave birth to her second child, son Carl Leo. She recently posted some shots of herself via Instagram showing off her slimmed-down figure and I can't believe how much baby weight she's already lost. She doesn't even look like she was pregnant. Her body looks AMA-ZING!


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"Get ready ladies! My #60DayChallenge is about to go down! Thank you @GNCLiveWell and @youthH2O! #Results #BCuzItWorks," she posted. I don't know what this woman is doing but it's definitely working. The girl looks like she's never suffered from a stretch mark in her entire life. Seriously, ook how flat that tummy looks and check out that plump booty!

Evelyn has always been pretty big on fitness, but my guess is she's trying to lose the weight quick before her wedding to Carl Crawford. She actually made a bet earlier on in her pregnancy that once she had the baby, she was going to get her post-baby body back in just two months. "I'm going to be super focused as soon as I get the clear," she had said.

Looks like she wasn't kidding, it hasn't even been a month and Evelyn is already starting to look like she did before pregnancy. I'm impressed. For most women it takes way longer to shed the pounds. Even J.Lo herself admitted that it took her a good year to go back to her original size. Like I said, not sure what Evelyn's secret is but keep up the good work girl!

Images via Evelyn Lozada/Instagram

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