Police officer delivers his own baby in cop car!

When Hawaii police officer Mario Ochoa's wife, Ryan, went into labor last week, the couple figured they had plenty of time to get to the hospital--especially since the birth of their first baby had taken about 30 hours. But it seems baby number two just didn't want to wait!

While driving to the hospital, Ryan's contractions got visibility more severe. The labor continued to pick up pace until 10 miles from the hospital, when the couple realized they were never going to make it there in time. That's when Ochoa sprung into action.


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Ochoa pulled over, put on some rubber gloves, and delivered his own baby, Marcella Kahealani, in the passenger seat of his patrol car just a few minutes later. "It was pretty fast," the dad told WBTV. "I had enough time to put my gloves on, and she said, 'I gotta push,' and there was the head."

Wow… well, on the bright side, that police training sure came in handy! Clearly, Ochoa is used to keeping a cool head while faced with high-pressure situations.

Thankfully, both baby and mom are healthy, despite the chaotic birth. Little Marcella weighed in at a little under 9 pounds and the entire family is now enjoying their time together back at home.

Whew! It just goes to show that every birth is different, no matter if it's your second or fifth. I'm just glad that the birth went relatively smoothly, considering the situation, and that both the mom and their little girl are fine. Now, I wonder if he's going to have to keep driving that car…

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