Woman with "stomach bug" gives birth to baby in driveway

When Connecticut woman Jennifer Scollin started feeling sick last week, she figured she had come down with the stomach bug that seemed to be going around. So imagine her surprise when she called her boyfriend on Saturday after her stomach pains took a turn for the worse--only to have her water break just minutes after he arrived!

That's right--that "stomach bug" turned out to be a baby!


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According to the Connecticut Post, Scollin had no clue she was pregnant as she hadn't experienced any of the usual symptoms and had only started feeling off in the last few days before her labor. Plus, since she already had one child, she knew what pregnancy was supposed to feel like--or so she thought!

Her labor sped up quickly and though the two called 911 after her water broke, the medics weren't able to get her to the hospital in time. Scollin ended up delivering her second child in an ambulance parked in a driveway! "We didn't know at first it was a baby coming, but once we did it happened fast," she told the newspaper. "Two pushes and he was out." Wow! Well, that's one day they'll never forget.

Thankfully, the birth went smoothly, despite that it was a total surprise. Scollin welcomed a 9-pound, 3-ounce baby boy, Cole Michael Thomas Dillman, and both are doing well after being discharged from the hospital yesterday.

Can you imagine waking up with what you think is a pesky virus and then ending the day with a newborn?! Crazy! Still, I'm just glad that both mom and baby are healthy, regardless of the chaos. I hope her other child is excited to have a younger brother! Congrats to the entire family!

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