Woman loses SEVEN babies, then drops 238 lbs & has a healthy newborn

Sometimes it takes a really bad situation to happen before things finally get good. Michelle Turner had struggled with obesity most of her life and by 35 she already weighed 420 pounds. Not only was she playing with her health, but apparently the weight was also interfering with her pregnancies. The poor woman suffered five miscarriages, an ectopic pregnancy and even a stillbirth. This is so sad!


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On top of not being able to have kids, Turner also dealt with three failed marriages. The combination of the two had her so depressed, she was comfort eating to deal with the pain. "It was horrible--I was at rock bottom. I had lost everything I ever wanted so many times," she told the DailyMail. Turner got so heavy, her doctors warned her that if she didn't lose weight she could lose her life. They also came to the conclusion that her weight was the reason why she was having such a hard time having a successful pregnancy.

The 35-year-old finally decided to have gastric bypass surgery done and managed to lose a good 238 pounds, almost half her weight. But even after losing all that weight, she tried getting pregnant for a sixth time only to lose the baby due to an ectopic pregnancy. She also wound up splitting up from her second husband shortly after the tragic incident.

Turner married her third husband Carl Turner a year later and conceived for the seventh time only this time her pregnancy went full term but the baby was stillborn. My goodness! This poor woman couldn't seem to catch a break. She was just about to give up before she decided to give it one last chance. And fortunately for her, her eighth attempt turned out just fine. Turner gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby last January and has been super happy ever since.

"I still look at her when she's asleep in my arms and think: Are you really here? I'm so happy," she added. "She was worth all the heartbreak--every tear I cried and every sobbing sleepless night. I'd go through it all again just to have Mikayla."

I am SO happy for this woman! It was starting to look like having kids wasn't in the cards for her and she worked hard to drop the weight and never gave up. Now she has an adorable little girl who reminds her every day that miracles do happen. Such an inspiring story!

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