One of the most annoying side effects of pregnancy has to be the acne. At least for me personally, one of the things I dreaded about becoming pregnant again was the inevitable breakout that comes with the first trimester. I know, I know--a small price to pay for creating life, but annoying nonetheless!  

Some mamis are lucky not to have to go through it, but for me, my hair and skin became one greasy mess, and the raging hormones gave me a crazy case of acne. It totally dulled my pregnancy glow ... bummer. My first pregnancy was like that and this one, same thing. I'm currently 16 weeks along and hoping that the anti-acne measures I'm going to share with you will soon help the blemishes heal.

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Here are some tips and products that have been recommended by my doctor and have helped my skin a great deal over the past few weeks.

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Wash with benzoyl peroxide 1

Wash with benzoyl peroxide

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While we have to be careful with salicylic acid--it can cause many pregnancy complications and even birth defects--benzoyl peroxide has been determined to be relatively safe during pregnancy (I know some people will debate this, but my obstetrician was fine with me using it). I recommend using it only once a day to avoid overdrying your already sensitive skin. I swear by Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask ($7). It's not only a deep cleanser, on days you feel like you really need it, you can leave it on as a mask. The smell is a little strong for my currently bionic sense of smell, but it washes right out and doesn't leave any yucky residue.


Alternate with a gentle cleanser in the morning 2

Alternate with a gentle cleanser in the morning

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I recently discovered the Belli line of products specifically designed for pregnant moms and I'm in love. This Anti Blemish Cleanser ($22) uses gentle lactic acid to exfoliate and help fight breakouts during pregnancy. It is really light and alternating it with the stronger cleanser has made a huge difference in my skin.


Use a non-greasy moisturizer 3

Use a non-greasy moisturizer

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I swear by Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture with SPF 15 ($10), which is moisturizing enough and doesn't have any oils or clogging ingredients. Of course, you should go with the moisturizer that contains SPF, which is a must even (or especially) when you're not pregnant!

Use a nighttime moisturizer 4

Use a nighttime moisturizer

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I know that moisturizing your skin at night might seem like overkill when you're naturally producing so much oil, but if you're washing with benzoyl peroxide at night, it's best to keep your skin hydrated to avoid any further breakouts from over-drying. I love Cerave Facial Moisturizing Lotion PM ($13). My dermatologist recommended this product to keep my acne-prone skin moisturized and free of flare-ups during pregnancy.


Take advantage of old-school remedy sulfur 5

Take advantage of old-school remedy sulfur

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One of my secret weapons during this time has been an old-school remedy my mom and abuela swore by back in the day: jabón de azufre or sulfur soap. Actually, any product that uses sulfur, which is safe during pregnancy, is a God-send during this time. If I'm particularly broken out, I use sulfur soap ($3) to wash instead of the benzoyl peroxide cleanser and then a sulfur spot treatment afterwards; I love Belli Acne Control Spot Treatment ($17). One thing though: the sulfur smell is NOT the most pleasant. My husband says it's a kiss repellent. But if you can stand it at night, use it until the blemishes get better. It really works!


Indulge with a clay mask every other week 6

Indulge with a clay mask every other week

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I've found the perfect mud mask to help speed healing along. Clayspray Pore Refining White Clay Mask ($60) has worked so well on my skin, I know I'll be using it even after I give birth. The ingredients are totally pregnancy safe, so that was reassuring. After I washed off the mask, my skin felt clean and fresh without that tight, dry feeling some masks leave. I swear this let my pregnancy glow sneak through!


When worse comes to worst … 7

When worse comes to worst …

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Talk to your dermatologist. During my first pregnancy, my breakout got so out of control, my derm prescribed Finacea, a rosacea treatment gel made of azelaic acid that is pregnancy safe. It helped SO much. But it's prescription, so not only is it pricey, it's really harsh. I only used a teeny bit and just as long as needed, so make sure you don't overdo it.