SEE: Elsa Pataky & Chris Hemsworth share twin boys' names & adorable 1st pic!

You've probably heard already that Chris Hemsworth's wife, Elsa Pataky, gave birth to twin boys last week. Pataky recently revealed her sons names and we have to say they're SO cute! And she also posted the first picture of them on Instagram. It's adorable enough to make any mom want to have another baby--and like soon. Check out the pic and their names below ...


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The twin boys' names are Tristan and Sasha. Told you they were adorable!

And isn't this picture just precious? Elsa posted this super cute photo of the babies' feet on her Instagram account with the following caption but written in Spanish: "They're already home. Tristan and Sasha arrived in this world March 18 just after the full moon. Complete happiness!!"

"Enjoy every second with your baby because it is the most wonderful thing in the world," she added. SO sweet! The parents must be in complete bliss and I could only imagine how excited their soon to be 2-year-old daughter, India, must feel now that's she's a big sister. But let's talk a little bit more about this picture, shall we?

As sweet as it is, I'm pretty sure Pataky intentionally chose to post a photo just of her boys' feet. In fact, I totally get it. I recently went to see my cousin's new baby girl at the hospital this past Sunday--who's SUPER adorable by the way! As much as I wanted to take a zillion snaps of that gorgeous bundle of love, I knew the last thing my cousin wanted was a ton of pictures of her newly born child all over social media. And she's not even a celebrity--could you imagine how celebs like Pataky and Hemsworth must feel? She just had her twins, she's blissfully happy but doesn't necessarily want to see photos of her baby's faces on every entertainment site known to man. So instead, she just shares a cute pic of their feet. Makes perfect sense, no?

I'm sure it will be a matter of time before Elsa shares a photo of her new sons' faces. Sort of makes me curious how these little guys might look. I wonder if they got their dad's crystal blue eyes or her golden hair. Who knows, but we're bound to find out any one of these days. For now I'm content with this adorable babies' feet pic which Pataky should really consider printing out and framing!

Image via Elsa Pataky/Instagram

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