Woman faked being pregnant with quintuplets for 9 whole months!

pregnancyBarbara Bienveneu, a 37-year-old woman in Quebec, Canada, managed to dupe her man with the BIGGEST lie I've ever heard. The woman somehow tricked her boyfriend, Paul Servat, into believing that she was pregnant. She convinced him that she was with child ALL the way up to the ninth month of her supposed pregnancy.

But this woman didn't lie about having a baby or two ... oh no, she fibbed about having FIVE! Holy crap, how do you lie about carrying quintuplets?!


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The couple met through an online dating site last year and a month later Bienvenue told Servat that she was pregnant a month after meeting each other. She initially told him they were expecting twins, but eventually upped that number to five.

barbara bienvenueIt wasn't until the ninth month when Bienvenue went to the doctor with Servat that it was revealed that she had never been pregnant in the first place! The man was heartbroken by the news as he was looking forward to fatherhood and even chose names for their unborn children. "We were so happy. Even my parents, they were so looking forward to having grandchildren," Servat told QMI Agency.

And even more shocking? One of the woman's relatives says that this isn't the first time that she has lied about being pregnant. Apparently, she may have condition known as pseudocyesis, which is the belief that you are pregnant when you really aren't. It's deceiving because these women experience pregnancy symptoms, but don't have a baby growing inside. 

She is currently under psychiatric evaluation, but it is unclear if she will be facing any charges. How INSANE is that? I don't think I've heard of anything crazier and deceitful! I feel so bad for this woman's boyfriend who thought she was going to give him the best gift he could ever receive. I hope she gets the psychiatric help she needs before she tricks another man the same way again!

Images via Thinkstock, CTV News

What do you think of this woman's crazy lie?

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What do you think of this woman's crazy lie?

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on Mar 26, 2014 at 8:54 PM
Even though it wasn't true, she wasn't decieving him or tricking him. She legitimately believed she was pregnant, just like any woman who actually is pregnant. The disorder is a kind of psychosis that also manifests physiological symptoms. Her story sad and strange, but it doesn't make her liar. She told the truth according to what she really believed, just like a schizophrenic person is telling the truth about hearing voices. Imagine how sad and confused she must be that there aren't any babies. Sure, it's sad for the man who thought he would be a father, but why make a villain out of an ill woman? She never intended to harm him, but wanted to make a family with him. Plus, image search her name and you will find a photo that really does look pregnant (more than the one above).
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on Apr 18, 2014 at 4:02 PM
Why DIDN'T he EVER go to the DR. with her? Of course, I know she NEVER SAW a Dr.... but.. how gullible was he?? no ultersounds? or faked since one site said she was going to be a nurse.. regardless.. my kids are 18,20, and while my husband DID NOT GO to every OB appt.. he did go to a FEW!
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