Jenni Rivera's daughter gives birth to a baby girl (VIDEO)

Jacqie Marín Campos, Jenni Rivera's second daughter gave birth last night to her second child with husband Mike Campos. The experience, as anticipated by her sister Chiquis, was bitter-sweet. The arrival of a child is always a motive of big celebrations. But, without a doubt, the moment was also sad. How much La Diva de la Banda would have loved a new granddaughter!

I love the name that the couple, who already have a daughter Jayla, chose for the baby and you have to see the picture they published on Instagram.


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Jacqie announced in social media the name of the baby: Jenavieve Faith. The delivery happenned in the early hours of the day in California. In the birthing suite were Campos, Chiquis and Jenni's sister Rosie Rivera Campos.

Jenavieve is not even a day old and has already fans. Hundreds of people have congratulated her parents and sister in social media. Rosie tuited: "I'm in love".

I'm not prone to believe in ghosts, but I have the feeling that Jenni Rivera was also in that room. I hope that Jacqie felt her. Chiquis had posted in her Instagram account a video of the birth of Jayla. La Diva de la Banda had been there that day. It's kind of sad to watch it and imagine how missed she was last night.

However, Jenavieve's birth show show life goes on.

Congratulations to Jacqie, Mike and the rest of the family!


Imágenes vía Jacqie Marin, Mike Campos/Instagram, Univision

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