5 Changes MEN go through during your pregnancy

pregnant coupleWhen you are pregnant, you know that your body and hormones are going through some serious changes. Everyone is focused on your well-being if you are comfortable all the time, but what about your hubby? Your partner is ALSO going through some changes as you have a baby growing inside you.

Don't believe me? Read on!


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Although men aren't biologically able to get pregnant, they do experience certain symptoms along with you during your pregnancy. Sometimes it may seem like they are being insensitive or not understanding at all.

The truth is your man is going through his own changes as he is about to become a father for the first, second, or third time. We my bear their children, but check out what they go through too!

They gain weight: You may be gaining weight because you are pregnant, but so do men! This is called couvade syndrome and it is when some men start to put on weight towards to end of the first trimester. At least you'll have someone to comfort eat with! 

They release more oxytocin: That feel good chemical your body produces releases in both men and women during pregnancy. Studies have shown that dads who release more of this hormone are more attached to their kids. 

Their sex cravings change: Some men get turned on by the changes pregnancy causes in their spouses, while others are overwhelmed by it.

Mood swings: As he's adjusting to his "maternal brain," he may be experiencing mood swings and anxiety from the pressure of bringing a new child into the world.

He is "nesting":  If your hubby is looking out for a sturdy stroller, crib, baby carrier it is because he is in nesting mode and only wants what's best for his future child.

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