8 Things only adventurous pregnant Latinas will try!

In 2011, when Mariah Carey was pregnant with twins Monroe and Moroccan, she tweeted a picture of her belly with a giant butterfly painted on it and the words "Dem babies" written above it. Since then, many other celebs have followed suit: from Hillary Duff, who adorned her bump with a wrapped gift picture as part of a Christmas photo, to Chris Hemsworth's pregnant wife Elsa Pataky, who chose a lifesaver motif and even adorned it with a rope! Those certainly are some fearless pregnant ladies! But there's a lot of other things that brave pregnant Latinas try to do. Tacones? Bikini? We got it covered. Here are seven other things only the most adventurous pregnant ladies will try! See if there's anything on the list you'd try.


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1. Wear a crop top: Scandal star Kerry Washington showed up at the 2014 SAG Awards wearing a fuchsia Prada crop top and long black skirt, daring to bare her growing baby bump on the red carpet. Who said you need chiseled abs to don a midriff-bearing top.

2. Rock high heels: When slipping into 4- and 5-inch tacones, most mujeres--even those who aren't pregnant and tackling a shifting center of gravity--fear they'll have a J.Law-at-the-Oscars moment. But stars like Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Fergie, Jessica Alba, and Gwen Stefani have all put any fears of tripping or falling to bed and ventured to wear sky-high heels, enduring the foot and back pain in the name of great fashion.

3. Reenact Demi Moore's Vanity Fair cover: When, at seven months pregnant, Demi Moore posed naked for the cover of Vanity Fair's August 1991 issue, controversy ensued. Since then, the concept has been revisited quite often, with celebs posing au natural (or close to it!) for magazine spreads: Christina Aguilera wore nothing but a cropped leather jacket for the January 2008 cover of Marie Claire; Britney Spears went nude for the August 2006 cover of Harper's Bazaar; and Jessica Simpson reenacted Moore's pose for Elle's 2012 cover.

4. Hit the beach in a bikini: For a long time, many deemed it inappropriate for pregnant women to bare their baby bumps while at the beach but, nowadays, cultural norms are changing and people are starting to recognize the beauty of pregnancy and, in turn, to encourage expectant moms to don bikinis and proudly expose their bellies.

5. Post your ultrasound online: When Shakira was pregnant with her son Milan, now 1, her beau Gerard Piqué posted a photo of their first ultrasound on Facebook. Since then, the trend has caught on as excited moms-to-be share these in utero photos with the world.

6. Make a belly cast: Forget photographs! Want a truly accurate memento of your baby bump? Buy some plaster and create a 3-dimensional mold of your belly around your eighth or ninth month of pregnancy.

7. Film the childbirth: Giving birth is a miraculous experience, and most women at least consider documenting this special moment through film. But how many ultimately decide they'd feel comfortable with a lens zooming in on their vajayjays as they pushed and pushed? And how many would want to watch the unedited footage, in all its gory detail, while snuggling with their partners? If you raised your hand, consider yourself a brave one!

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