Miracle baby takes first breath 25 minutes after being pronounced dead

In her first half hour in the world, Canadian mom Robin Cyr's newborn daughter had already been through more than many have experienced in a lifetime. The little girl is being called a miracle baby after she was pronounced dead at birth--and then revived 25 minutes later! Say what?!

Shortly after the birth, doctors gave 34-year-old Cyr the news that every mom fears: her fourth baby had died just after being born. But just a little while after getting the devastating news, a nurse came back to say the impossible had just occurred. Her baby had started breathing again! So what exactly happened?


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According to Metro, the baby girl, who weighed 9 pounds, 14 ounces at birth, got wedged in the birth canal during delivery. Once she was born, Cyr waited for an excruciating half hour for any signs of life. Instead, doctors declared the child dead and took the baby's body out of the room. That's when Cyr says her aunt, who was with her at the time, started praying.

What happened next is nothing short of amazing. After 25 minutes without oxygen--and after the staff had stopped trying to revive the little girl--the baby suddenly began breathing on her own. The doctors have no medical explanation for how it happened, other than to say that their prayers must have been heard.

The little girl is now breathing on her own in the neonatal intensive care unit, with her oxygen tubes removed, and doctors are reportedly happy with her progress. Cyr has appropriately named her Mireya, which means "miracle."

Wow! This is just crazy. I can't even begin to imagine all of the mixed emotions Cyr must have gone through in that time--anticipation, devastation, heartbreak, relief, joy. Clearly, someone was looking out for her and little Miraya though. I'm so glad that the baby girl is now OK and I hope that she and her family enjoy every precious moment together.

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