A newborn baby boy in critical condition was miraculously saved after being frozen by doctors for three days in an unconventional but revolutionary treatment.

Harvey Sutton was suffering from anemia, blood poisoning and brain bleeds after he was delivered by emergency C-section at 37 weeks. Doctors told his mom, Zoe Green, that the little boy only had about a 30 percent chance of survival and might not even make it through the night. But thanks to the groundbreaking treatment, which involves inducing hypothermia so that the brain can recover, he was able to go home just three weeks later.


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According to the Daily Express, medics fought to revive the baby for half an hour. When they finally detected a faint heartbeat, they placed him on a high-tech bed of ice that lowered the baby's body temperature and helped prevent the brain from continued swelling. Their actions ended up saving his life.

After showing signs of improvement, Harvey was brought out of the chilled state over a period of three days. Now, his mom says he is just like any other 5-month-old. "We were told he would probably die--now I have no worries. I believe it's a miracle. He really is a little fighter," she told the publication.

Wow. Though I can't even begin to imagine how scary and terrifying it must have been for Green to see her baby in that condition and not even be able to hold him for the first few days of her life, I bet it has also made her all the more thankful that little Harvey has recovered and is now a healthy, normal baby.

But while their story is pretty amazing, Green is are actually one of several moms to have given birth in crazy odds lately. Check out their little girls, along with some more miracle babies:

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