Women rushed to hospital with "appendicitis" comes out with baby!

When Indiana mom Mandy Batchelor was rushed to the hospital with severe abdominal pain late last month, she thought she was suffering from appendicitis and would have to undergo emergency surgery. So imagine her surprise when she found out she was actually pregnant and about to give birth to a baby!

Apparently, Batchelor, already a mom of two, had showed no signs of pregnancy this time around, other than lower back pain (which she attributed to standing at work all day) and what she thought was "normal winter weight gain." In fact, on the day she went into labor, she had just worked an eight-hour shift on her feet at the factory where she and her boyfriend, Josh Cox, work! Clearly, she had no idea what was coming…


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When she started experiencing pain, a worried Cox rushed her to the emergency room. The two were left in the waiting room for some time, where Cox even made a joke that Batchelor was about to give birth. It was just minutes later that her water broke. Oh my god! I can't even begin to imagine the shock and disbelief they must have felt in that moment.

Thankfully, Batchelor's birth went smoothly, despite the chaos. They welcomed their 7-pound new son safely and spontaneously named him General Lee Jacob, after the mom's great-grandpas.

But they weren't the only ones left shocked. The couple announced the birth on Facebook to the utter astonishment of family and friends, who scrambled to get them baby presents. "A lot of people thought it was a joke at first," Cox told Yahoo! Shine. "They were like, 'Whose baby is that?' "  Ha, well I can't say I blame 'em!

It seems like women giving birth without even knowing they were pregnant happens way more often than you might think, but it's especially crazy considering that Batchelor already had two kids. I wonder what made this pregnancy so different from the previous two? Whatever the case, I'm just glad both mom and baby are OK. Hopefully, her two older kids are excited to have a little sibling. Congrats to the entire family!


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