She thought she had to poop, but had a baby instead

Surprise birthImagine you are going about your business, living your busy life, not noticing that anything is particularly different, when you start to feel not so good. There is some pain going on around your belly while you are at work. You think it's kind of weird, but deal with it. Later when you are home, you go to the bathroom and think that you are constipated because it really feels like you have to poop, but you can't. You push and the next thing you know you are giving birth to a baby. Wait, what?! You had no idea you were pregnant. How is this possible? I don't know, but it seems to happen all the time that pregnant women who have no idea they are pregnant go to poop and end up with a baby instead. That's what happened to 25-year-old Gaynor Rzepka from Llantwit Major, Wales on February 16. This young woman didn't have a clue that she was with child. Again, how is that possible?


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Rzepka, who works at a deli counter in a store, had been working 10 hour shifts right up until she gave birth and even ran a half marathon half-way through her unknown  pregnancy. So, how did she fail to notice she was pregnant? "I didn't have any signs, no morning sickness, no pain, no heartburn, nothing at all," she said. "I had periods all the way through. I didn't really put on very much weight until Christmas, and I just thought that was a Christmas belly."

That's just nuts and I would say that she is totally lucky to have skipped any of the discomforts of pregnancy, but she also missed out on all the prep time that comes with pregnancy. She didn't have time to get ready at all in material terms or in psychological terms for becoming a mother.

Luckily she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Olly-James, weighing in at 6 pounds 5 ounces. Also, when she told the baby's father, 29-year-old Paul Rawcliffe, about the surprise birth. "He was over the moon about it," she said. Well, that's good. He is currently living and working in another area, but the new parents plan to move into a home together as soon as possible.

I wish the new family much luck and I'm glad that they were gifted with a healthy baby and a relatively easy birth, especially since they had no idea a baby was even on the way.

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