baby streeth birthImagine you are walking down a busy city street when the pregnant woman in front of you suddenly starts giving birth. This is what happened to 39-year-old New Yorker Polly McCourt, who went into labor Monday afternoon. The Upper East side resident rushed out of her apartment building and asked for her doorman's help to hail her a cab to the hospital.

The funny part is that her baby decided she wanted to come out right before the cab even arrived. In other words, McCourt gave birth right on the corner of her street!

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The mom of two was volunteering at her kids' school during a fundraiser early Monday and recalled feeling sick. After leaving here other children, a 6-year-old and 4-year-old, in the care of their babysitter, she rushed home and called her doctor who told her to head to the hospital.

She did as she was told, but little did she know that her newborn daughter, Ila Isabella, had other plans. Moments after McCourt's doorman called a cab, the mom's water broke and he assisted her outside. Much to their surprise, Ila was not waiting to arrive at the hospital and was born right in the plain old New York City street! 

Naturally the crazy incident drove attention from passersby who all pitched in to help as they awaited an ambulance to arrive. McCourt's husband was on his way home, but was stuck in traffic which prevented him from being present during his daughter's birth. Luckily the mom and baby are doing well despite the chaotic ordeal--and guess what? They even had it all caught on camera because FOX 5 News happened to be at the scene!

Think this delivery was crazy? Well, there are others! Below, check out these other bizarre places women have given birth--and tell us in the comments which one you think is the craziest! --Additional reporting by Michelle Regalado (gallery)

Images via New York Daily News, Nicole_Fuller/Instagram

In a train station 1

In a train station

Image via NBC Washington

Washington D.C. mom Shavonnte Taylor was headed to an obstetrician appointment when she suddenly went into labor onthe train station platform. She was lucky that there was a trained EMT present who helped deliver her adorable baby boy.


In the Holland Tunnel 2

In the Holland Tunnel

Image via Mulad/flickr

Twenty-five-year-old New Jersey mom  Soukaina Nekhlaoui was on her way to the hospital when the baby decided it wanted to come out in the middle of the Holland Tunnel! A Port Authority Tunnel & Bridge officer with medical training assisted her and helped her give birth to a healthy baby boy.


On an airplane 3

On an airplane

Image via FOX News

Passengers and crew members on a plane had to help deliver Katherine Oyedoh's baby after she unexpectedly went into labor in the middle of an international Delta flight.

In an art gallery 4

In an art gallery

Image via Splash News

Last October, performance artist Marni Kotak said that giving "birth" is the higest form of art and delivered a baby inside a New York City art gallery. About 20 people were present for the delivery, which took place in a birthing pool.


Live on the web 5

Live on the web

Image via La Presse

In October 2011, Ottawa, Canada, mom Nancy Salgueiro gave birth live over the Internet, with more than 2,000 people registered to watch. Her 2-year-old son cut his new brother's umbilical cord.



In a 7 Eleven Parking lot 6

In a 7 Eleven Parking lot

Images via ferret11/flickr, WOGX

Just a couple of weeks before the company celebrated their annual Free Slurpee Day,   Florida couple Chad and Tye Malley were forced to deliver their baby in a 7-Eleven parking lot after they were unable to make it to the hospital on time!


During a traffic jam 7

During a traffic jam

Image via Thinkstock

This summer, a Boston mother went into premature labor while sitting in gridlocked Route 16 traffic. She had to call the state police for help!

At a wedding 8

At a wedding

Image via Thinkstock

In July of this year, a woman gave birth to her baby just minutes after tying the knot! She made it through her wedding ceremony but went into labor while taking pictures outside the church.


Two Long Island highways 9

Two Long Island highways

After going into labor a full week early, Siobhan Anderson was in the car on the way to the hospital when she ended up giving birth to her twin baby boys on two separate Long Island highways!

In the hospital parking lot 10

In the hospital parking lot

Image via Thinkstock

Two women in an Alabama hospital were forced to give birth outside in the hospital's parking lot after the building was evacuated over a bomb threat. Tessa Kilgore gave birth underneath an oak tree in the parking lot, as did the other mother. Thankfully they both had healthy babies and easy deliveries.