The bond between a woman and her newborn baby is beautiful and often indescribable. But I don't think it has been more plainly depicted than in a super touching video that has recently gone viral of a just-born infant and mom.

The clip, posted to YouTube last week, captures a mom and her baby, just minutes after she gave birth via C-section…and it's so moving, it's sure to bring tears to your eyes!


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As can be seen in the video, a nurse is attempting to clean the baby after the delivery. But every time she goes to move the child away from her mother, the infant begins to wail hysterically, even stretching his little arms out to try and get back to mami. Aww! Does that just melt your heart or what?

In an effort to soothe the baby, the obviously caring nurse takes turns wiping her down and then moving her closer to her mom so that the child can feel that all important skin-to-skin contact. The minute the infant is returned to the mother's arms, he calms down and stops crying. It's pretty darn amazing to see!

I think anyone who watches this video is sure to be astounded by the strong and immediate connection between baby and mom. It truly is a beautiful moment to witness.

Check out the whole thing for yourself below!

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