5 Ways to prevent varicose veins during pregnancy

varicose veinsIf you are pregnant or have been pregnant, then you know that you experience many symptoms during those 40 weeks. One of the most annoying? Varicose veins. Many of us think that they occur as we get older, but some women experience the unsightly veins during pregnancy.

If you're worried about getting them, not to worry, there are some easy ways to prevent them from happening in the first place.


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With all the swelling and pressure your body goes through during pregnancy, it's no surprise that some of us end up with varicose veins. In fact, pregnancy is one of the main causes of it!

Doctors say that the blood increases within the body and and the pressure from the growing uterus on the vena cava puts pressure on the veins in the legs.This makes it harder to circulate around the body which causes the veins to swell.

If you are prone to varicose veins or are noticing that they are coming in then you will find these tips handy. Below are ways to prevent varicose veins during pregnancy.

Exercise: If you choose to walk or take a fitness class at your gym, this will help prevent varicose veins from developing. This is the best way to increase circulation throughout your body and reduce vein swelling.

Watch your weight: It may seem like pregnancy is an excuse to eat anything you like, but if you put too much weight on, it can cause varicose veins.

Compression tights: These tights are known to reduce swelling and improve circulation in your legs.

Avoid heels: Heels prevent your calf muscles from contracting fully. Go for flats which are not only more comfortable but will help with that issue. 

Put your feet up: By putting your feet up every so often you prevent blood from gathering at your feet. Prop your feet upwhile sitting down to keep those varicose veins from appearing.

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