Mom expecting triplets gets HUGE surprise during delivery!

When Mississippi couple Kimberly and Craig Fugate found out they were expecting their second child together, they were thrilled but a little surprised. Their surprise turned to shock when they later found out they were expecting triplets. But nothing could beat their astonishment when Kimberly recently went into labor at 28 weeks and doctors informed her she'd be giving birth to FOUR little girls, instead of the expected three. Oh my god, can you imagine?!


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Since chances of her going into premature labor were high, Kimberly says she was taking extra precaution in the days before giving birth. "We were trying to get as long as we could--as many days in as we could with the pregnancy," she said. But at 28 weeks, it seems the babies just couldn't wait any longer!

After undergoing a C-section, Kimberly delivered the first three babies safely. That's when doctors made the shocking discovery. "They had gotten the three out and they said, 'More feet,' and I said, 'No!' It was an instant shock," she said. How crazy is that?!

Thankfully, all four identical girls, Kenleigh, Kristen, Kayleigh and Kelsey, are doing well, although they remain under supervision in the neonatal care unit at the hospital. They are expected to be able to go home by May 2, which was Kimberly's original due date.

Giving birth to triplets without fertility treatments is rare enough, but identical quadruplets? Talk about beating the odds! I can't even begin to imagine what Kimberly was thinking when she found out she was unexpectedly delivering a fourth baby ... she deserves a huge round of applause! But while it was clearly a big surprise for the parents, it's just a relief that both mom and all of the babies are healthy. Hopefully, they'll all be able to return home soon so they can spend time together as a family. One thing's for sure: Kimberly and her husband are in for quite a ride! Congrats to the couple!

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