Couple find shocking solution for their infertility problems

beating infertilityMark and Suzanne Harper, a couple from Britain, wanted to start a family right after they got married 12 years ago. You would not believe how much difficulty the experienced. They tried for a year and nada, then they found out that Mark had zero sperm count because of a previous battle with testicular cancer. Then Mark got a different type of testicular cancer, when he was declared in remission, the couple tried again to have children via artificial insemination and $50,000 worth of in vitro fertilization attempts. Suzanne did manage to get pregnant, but miscarried both times because her immune system was producing killer cells that were attacking the embryos. Then doctors suggested an unusual treatment using something you probably have in your refrigerator right now.


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Doctors at the Nottingham facility called CARE where Suzanne had gotten IVF tried a treatment that uses a mixture of a hen's egg yolk and soy oil; it's called "intralipid." The fatty acids in the solution were somehow supposed to stop the killer cells from attacking the embryo and guess what? It worked!!!

It took two more tries with IVF and the egg yolk mixture and the couple was able to welcome their daughter Libby into the world in 2009. Not only that, but years later the couple wanted to give Libby a sibbling and after four tries with both IVF and again some of that yolk mixture, they welcomed their second daughter Connie into their family in 2013. "And it's all thanks to egg yolk," says Suzanne.

Science is AMAZING, that woman got pregnant a huevo!

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