5 Weird things no one tells you about babies

Newborn babies are awesome, but they are also really weird. Not in a bad way, just in a totally weird, why doesn't anybody tell a new baby owner that the baby will indeed come with that new baby smell, but it will also come with a whole bunch of other stuff that really we should know about. Everyone keeps it secret. Well, I'm here to de-secretize some of the best kept baby secrets. Are you ready for this?


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Here are five really weird things about babies that I wish someone had told me.

1. Your baby's first poop is like nothing you have ever seen. It's like a super-sticky greenish black tar. I'm not kidding. The official name is meconium. It will freak you out if you don't know to expect it. It's also hard to clean because it is do dang sticky. 

2. Your baby may be covered in hair. My first daughter was about as hairy as an adorable little monkey. Don't worry, it's normal and is called lunago. She is no longer sporting a fur coat everywhere.

3. The baby's soft spot or fontanelle is freaky as hell. It's not only soft, it pulses and it doesn't fully go away until your kid is about two.

4. If you have a little girl she may get a "period." Oh yeah, I took my tiny baby's diaper off and there was a tiny streak of blood on it. I freaked! The doctor told me it was normal and a result of her having gotten my hormones while she was in me and now that she wasn't getting that dose, she got a period. Well, why the funk didn't anyone tell me this would happen so I wouldn't have a coronary?

5. Your baby, regardless of gender may have itty bitty boobies. Again, I went to my baby's doctor and asked why my daughter was developing breasts before she was even a month old and was told it had to do with my hormones being in her. Her boobies went away. I'm sure they will eventually come back.

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