What's the only thing worse than trying to get anywhere in the midst of a bad snowstorm, like the one that just hit part of the country this week? Trying to do so while in labor!  Just ask mom Shirley Kim Bonanni.  

On Wednesday, the Philadelphia woman woke up with contractions and rushed to get ready to go to the hospital. But her steep, snow-covered street made it impossible for her to walk down to her car or for anyone to drive the car closer to the house.  So her husband sat her in their toddler's plastic sled and decided to pull her down the hill to the vehicle. Pretty quick thinking, right?! Despite their best efforts though, they couldn't quite make it in time!


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Bonnani's contractions began speeding up and soon, she realized she wasn't going to make it to the car, let alone the hospital. With the help of neighbors and a 911 dispatcher providing instructions over the phone, she ended up delivering the baby on the sled on the side of a road! Wow! Clearly, that baby just didn't want to wait any longer.

Thankfully, both mom and her new daughter, Bella, are OK. The baby was wrapped in blankets and taken back up to the house, while family members and neighbors helped carry Bonanni on the sled, back inside to keep warm while medics tried to make their way there.

Talk about a memorable labor! I mean, giving birth under the supervision of a doctor or midwife is scary enough, but to do outside, with no professionals, in freezing cold temperatures? Crazy! Thank goodness that everything went (relatively) smoothly and that both the child and parent are now doing just fine. And hey, though they obviously bought that sled for entertainment purposes, it did end up coming in handy! Now, they can keep it and show it to little Bella when she gets older.

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