Mom-to-be goes into labor just moments after robbing a truck

A Michigan mom-to-be recently went into labor, minutes after she was arrested with three others for stealing a truck. Yeesh ... and I thought those women who didn't know they were pregnant were unbelievable. This takes the crazy to a whole new level!

It all started when two men and two women reportedly stole a Dodge pick-up outside of Detroit on Saturday. Police soon spotted the truck and began a car chase. But it wasn't until the driver lost the control of the car and crashed that the cops noticed the one of the suspects was pregnant.


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Apparently, the black Dodge suddenly turned the wrong way down a road and ended up smashing into a utility pole. Three of the four suspects ran away on foot, but cops managed to track them down and arrest them all. In fact, officers were putting the suspects into cuffs when one of the women suddenly went into labor! Can you believe that?!

She was taken to a hospital while the other three were taken to a police station.

OK, obviously stealing a car is never a good idea. But to attempt to do so while very, very heavily pregnant?! And then to subsequently commence in a high-speed and clearly unsafe car chase? Is this woman nuts?

In this case, it seems as if the suspects getting caught was actually a blessing in disguise since the police were able to rush this woman to the hospital. Still, I can't help but feel bad for her baby. Is this mom going to get carted off to jail the minute she recovers from birth? What will happen to the baby then? I only hope someone responsible and caring will step forward to take the child in.

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