MY crazy pregnancy cravings are TERRIBLE

Evelyn LozadaI'm not much for eating sugar, but being pregnant has turned me into a sort of junk food addict! For example, I crave Laffy Taffy. Seriously, I can't stop eating this stuff! I'm a pescatarian and a very healthy eater, so this is super weird for me. Recently, I found myself eating Nerds and I haven't had those in years!

Oh but that's not all, I have some crazy sugary cravings...


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I also can't believe I'm super sweet drinking root beer. I had it the other day and it tastes soooo good! Who knew root beer would be my go-to drink during this pregnancy? (Oh, but don't get me started on my burping crisis, ha!)

Clearly my indulgence of these sugary and fatty foods and drinks is the result of weird pregnancy cravings--like the fact that I now also love waffle fries!

However, I'm glad that my cravings aren't THAT weird (people tell me that there are pregnant women who crave ice, dirt--yes, dirt!--clay and crayons). I'm glad that's not me!

While I definitely have a sweet tooth, I've also made it a point to balance the sweets I'm eating with healthy stuff, like salads, salmon and my favorite: avocado!

And I'm wondering how other expectant moms are handling their cravings. Chicas, what do you CRAVE? Share with me in the comments so we can discuss! 

Gracias, mujeres!


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